On 20th October Hastings Borough Council’s Planning Committee reconsidered the planning application for the development of 31 houses and 4 flats on the land at the top of Speckled Wood. This had been approved, subject to conditions, in February 2014. However, some of the conditions had not been met and the recent redesignation of SpeckledContinue reading “VICTORIA AVENUE PLANNING APPLICATION REFUSED”

Speckled Wood is now a designated LOCAL GREEN SPACE

Hastings Development Management Plan was adopted at a full Council meeting on 23 September. The area of Speckled Wood that will now be protected from development includes the site next to Victoria Avenue and the small site behind School Road, as recommended by the Planning Inspector at the DMP Examination. Only the small area ofContinue reading “Speckled Wood is now a designated LOCAL GREEN SPACE”

Annual General Meeting 2015

Ore Community Land Trust members, supporters and local councillors attended the Trust’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday 13th June and celebrated the final stage in the successful 10 year campaign to save Speckled Wood. The recent publication of the Planning Inspector’s final recommendations for the Hastings Development Management Plan have confirmed that almost all ofContinue reading “Annual General Meeting 2015”

Support the Inspector’s Proposed Modifications and Save Speckled Wood

We have produced a template to make it easy to respond to the official consultation and make sure the Inspector is in no doubt about the support of local residents for his proposal to safeguard both the Victoria Avenue site (Modification MM8, Site CV01) and the land to rear of Old London Road (Modification MM9,Continue reading “Support the Inspector’s Proposed Modifications and Save Speckled Wood”

Consultation over the DMP Inspectors Preliminary Findings

We need as many people as possible to make submissions Although we are very pleased indeed that the Planning Inspector is recommending that almost all of Speckled Wood should be included in the area designated as protected urban green space, we now know that the developer who owns the land next to Victoria Avenue isContinue reading “Consultation over the DMP Inspectors Preliminary Findings”

Great News for the future of Speckled Wood

DMP Planning Inspector’s Decision to Extend the Area of Green Space Land Protection in Speckled Wood The planning inspector responsible for the Public Examination of the Hastings Local Plan and the Development Management Plan, which designates development sites and land to be kept as green space, has announced his amendments to the DMP this week.

Speckled Wood to be Protected Urban Green Space?

Hastings Local Plan Proposes to Designate a Large Part of Speckled Wood as Protected Urban Green Space The 10 year campaign to save ‘Speckled Wood’ – the Woodland Valley between Frederick Road and Victoria Avenue has reached the long awaited critical stage as the Public Examination of the Hastings Local Plan, including the proposal toContinue reading “Speckled Wood to be Protected Urban Green Space?”

New notice board, website and social media

We are grateful to Hastings Borough Council for donating a surplus notice board for our use. This has been erected by the seats overlooking the Green, next to the Salvation Army Hall in Old London Road, Ore and is already getting a lot of attention. Our web site, as you can see, has been relaunchedContinue reading “New notice board, website and social media”