Latest on Land Acquisition in Speckled Wood

Ore Community Land Trust has purchased two key plots of land in Speckled Wood below the Village Green in Old London Road, Ore.

It is another crucial stage in the process for making Speckled Wood into a community owned woodland to ensure that it will never be developed and will remain an attractive and peaceful ‘green lung’ in Ore Valley for residents to use.

The two plots of land that have just been acquired are very well positioned for the location of a small volunteer base and facility for training, organising community events and walks through Speckled Wood. This 24 ft portable unit will be moved there in September.

Vehicular access to this land via Graystone Land is of considerable importance to allow materials, equipment and other items to be delivered.

These land purchases also mark the start of the project to create a Village Green for Ore that will include a children’s play area and a performance & events space. More land will be acquired in this area for this longer term project that received considerable local support when it was proposed and designed a few years ago.

The first stage in preparing this land will be the felling of 4 very large sycamore trees that have grown to dominate and overshadow this land to open up the area for grass and plants to flourish. The scrub and undergrowth will be cleared and a base made up for the portable unit shown in the photo below that is currently stored elsewhere. When this has been fitted out Ore CLT will organise a Community Event to celebrate this positive step forward.

We will also be seeking to recruit more volunteers to help with our woodland work who will be able to make use of the new base near to the centre of Ore Village.

All this work including the purchase of this, and another volunteer base unit; the purchase of the two plots of land and the design work on the Village Green project have been funded by Big Local North East Hastings, for which we are very grateful.

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Would you like to join our Speckled Wood volunteer team?

There’s plenty to do as spring approaches.
Volunteer poster
• Cut down undergrowth and dead trees
• Maintain footpaths
• Make and repair steps
• Keep the stream clear
• Prepare our land in Church Street for planting

We now have a volunteer base and tool store next to the ‘Church Street’ track (South of Greville Road)
We meet for weekly woodland work sessions

Training will be given.
Gloves and tools and equipment are provided for the work sessions

More information here

Application form here

If you’re interested, please get in touch by phone or email.

Our Committee 2019

The Committee consists of:

Chair – Jim Breeds
Secretary – Tony Polain
Treasurer – Becky Polain
Membership Secretary & Minute-Taker – Richard Street
Board Member Aubrey Ingleton
Ex-Officio Hastings Borough Council observer
Cllr Tania Charman (Tressell Ward)

Our aims

Ore Community Land Trust seeks to protect land in the Upper Ore Valley to save and enhance urban woodland and green space for community use and to protect animal habitat. We, therefore, campaign against development plans that would threaten the environment of the Valley. We also support positive regeneration plans and put forward ideas for improvements for the area.
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