Would you like to join our Speckled Wood volunteer team?

There’s plenty to do as spring approaches. • Cut down undergrowth and dead trees • Maintain footpaths • Make and repair steps • Keep the stream clear • Prepare our land in Church Street for planting We now have a volunteer base and tool store next to the ‘Church Street’ track (South of Greville Road)Continue reading “Would you like to join our Speckled Wood volunteer team?”

Our Committee 2019

The Committee consists of: Chair – Jim Breeds Secretary – Tony Polain Treasurer – Becky Polain Membership Secretary & Minute-Taker – Richard Street Board Member Aubrey Ingleton Ex-Officio Hastings Borough Council observer Cllr Tania Charman (Tressell Ward)

Our aims

Ore Community Land Trust seeks to protect land in the Upper Ore Valley to save and enhance urban woodland and green space for community use and to protect animal habitat. We, therefore, campaign against development plans that would threaten the environment of the Valley. We also support positive regeneration plans and put forward ideas forContinue reading “Our aims”