Ore Valley Greenway Project

Description of the Ore Valley Greenway Project

This Project is being led by Ore Community Land Trust working with Hastings Greenway Group and other organisations.

Click on map to enlarge
Click on map to enlarge

The Ore Valley Greenway is based on a plan for the Hastings Strategic Greenway that was first conceived 11 years ago as a way of creating a radial network of cycling & walking routes from the Town Centre. The original routes have been refined and improved by subsequent research. The idea is to connect communities with schools, shops, employment areas, rail stations, parks and the town centre and sea front for sustainable (non car based) utility travel and for health and leisure activities.

Key links in the Greenway network run through the Ore Valley

They will be mostly off road, utilising green spaces and woodland. These routes are included in the Hastings Local Plan and the Hastings Walking & Cycling Strategy approved by Hastings Borough Council and East Sussex County Council. One important aim is to create a safe cycling route through Ore Valley to avoid busy and dangerous roads.

There is considerable public support for these Greenway routes, which connect Ore Station and the College Annex with the Broomgrove Estate, the Ridge and Ore Village. The aim of these links in the Greenway network is to create surfaced shared paths with reasonable gradients that can be used by all ages and abilities and will be accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Connection to the Rest of the Hastings Greenway Network

The Ore Valley Greenway routes will eventually be connected to the Town Centre (and the sections that run through Alexandra Park to Silverhill and to the Conquest Hospital) by a route that runs alongside the railway line.

Design Project for the Greenway Through Speckled Wood

This was funded by Big Local NE Hastings and was produced by a landscape architect, following a land survey and soil testing, with technical advice from a civil engineer and an ecologist. It was necessary to design a route that makes use of the valley contours to keep the gradient at a level to allow for cycling and disability access. A detailed report has been produced including construction methods, materials specified and costings

Other Sections of the Ore Valley Greenway

A new community-led regeneration initiative based on the Old Power Station site in the Lower Ore Valley, which is was set up by Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust, aims to construct an informal Greenway route from Ore Station to Broomgrove Road in the next 8 months as one of its first projects.
Two sections will be provided by the developers of two housing sites in Ore Valley. Funding for other sections should be available from East Sussex County Council from a Local Enterprise Partnership grant that was obtained for the Hastings & Bexhill Walking & Cycling Routes Network.

What is a Greenway?

Greenways are largely car-free, off-road routes connecting people to facilities, open spaces and countryside within and around our towns. They are for shared use by walkers and cyclists and should be accessible to people with disabilities, utilising mobility scooters or wheel chairs and for child push chairs.
Fully developed Greenways often include amenities such as seating, planted areas and public art and may create a linear park effect or make use of an existing park.
Greenways create safe and direct routes in attractive settings. They provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly travel option for utility (getting to work, education or shopping) and for leisure and health purposes.

For an update on progress, click here.

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