Speckled Wood to be Protected Urban Green Space?

Hastings Local Plan Proposes to Designate a Large Part of Speckled Wood as Protected Urban Green Space

ShapingHastingsThe 10 year campaign to save ‘Speckled Wood’ – the Woodland Valley between Frederick Road and Victoria Avenue has reached the long awaited critical stage as the Public Examination of the Hastings Local Plan, including the proposal to redesignate a large area of land in Speckled Wood as protected urban green space, is now underway.

This land use redesignation will be essential to enable the Ore Village Green and the Ore Valley Greenway projects to be realised and for the many other community benefits and preservation of animal habitat that this woodland would provide
A crucial Hearing in early December will cover the site and land use allocations for Ore Valley and adjacent areas.

Ore Community Land Trust supports the Council proposal to protect an area of Speckled Wood.
The Trust does not support any development in Speckled Wood but the proposal is still a huge step forward.

See the Ore CLT Case for Urban Green Space Designation and Against Development

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